About Betsey

Betsey has lived in Northfield since arriving in the middle of a bank raid re-enactment during the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration in 1989.

This blog has its roots in Betsey’s service on the Northfield Planning Commission (2001-2005) asking questions about how Northfield got to where it was, where it wanted to go in the future, and who would pay for it.

Betsey is on the board of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation and Strong Towns.  She’s got degrees from Swarthmore College, Syracuse University and the University of MN Law School; she was a Humphrey Institute Public Policy Fellow and participated in the Blandin Community Leadership Program.

Betsey and her husband have one daughter and two large dogs.  She has a range of hobbies including gardening on the ground and on the green roof in the picture above (before the plants were added), running, nordic skiing and skijoring, paper engineering and drinking coffee.

In 2013-2014, Betsey will be in Cambridge, England and Jyväskylä, Finland where she hopes to find inspiration in European cities to bring back to Minnesota.